10 Unique Cat Breeds That Show Diversity Is Beautiful

Egyptian maus have spotted coats due to their African wild cat ancestry. Do not worry—today's mau is a loving and loyal cat who's fun to have.

The rare LaPerm cat breed was bred from a natural mutation. LaPerm kittens are hairless for the first four months of their existence, yet their wavy to curly coats are fascinating.

The ocicat isn't as wild as it looks. A breeding effort crossed Abyssinians, Siamese, and American shorthair cats to create ocicats

White Turkish vans with colored heads and tails are typical. Vans are intelligent, curious, and have cashmere-like coats, making them great pets.

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Its distinctive coat makes the Cornish rex popular. Fur is silky and falls in "washboard waves." They stay kittenish and are very attached to their owners!

The Selkirk rex has distinctive hair yet is connected to the Persian breed. The breed has velvety, curly fur in both short- and long-coated forms. Some kittens have straight hair.

Like its name, the Singapura breed is from Singapore. People-loving cats can be overly cuddly. This is a tiny amount to pay for a friendly, entertaining companion.