7 unexpected cat and dog facts

Healthy adult cats can jump 6x their height. A cat can jump 5–6 feet from the ground and easily clear a fence. Cats can climb fences higher than this using their claws if there is enough texture.

Dog nostrils have unique mucus to absorb scent molecules. This is why their nostrils run when they smell anything interesting and why they lick their noses to sample the aroma.

People have dominant hands, and cats have dominant paws. Interestingly, female cats lead with their right paws while males lead with their left. This also indicates they may poke anything with their dominant paw when inspecting.

Strong nostrils with 100-300 million scent receptors help dogs see. Only 6 million reside in human nostrils. Dogs use their noses to understand the world, and a brief sniff can reveal a new dog's gender, mood, and health.

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Not uncommon are polydactyl cats, which have additional toes. Polydactyl cats have 'thumbs' and more than five front toes and four back.

Dogs ball up for many reasons, an evolutionary throwback. This resting position saves energy and protects their organs from predators. A safe, happy dog may relax with their tummy exposed, but most nighttime sleepers are curled up with their tail under their nose.

Cats' whiskers penetrate their cheeks and connect with tiny muscles and nerves that allow them to sense anything that touches them.