11 American Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Americans have loved vanilla ice cream since the founding fathers. First American to make vanilla ice cream was Thomas Jefferson. Vanilla is a favorite in pies, floats, and desserts.

The second most popular ice cream flavor in America is chocolate. The top two pair perfectly, so there's no need to select.

Vanilla ice cream and Oreo Cookies have been available in grocery shops since 1912, but it took 67 years to combine them.

Strawberry ice cream is pleasant and fruity. The dessert is popular because it combines strawberries with vanilla ice cream. On January 15, National Strawberry Ice Cream Day is celebrated.

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Chocolate chip ice cream rules. Vanilla ice cream is creamy, but chocolate chips add crunch.

This Baskin-Robins original minty spin on chocolate chip ice cream became popular after being served during Princess Anne's Westminster Abby wedding as Mint Royale.

After a 1984 customer recommendation on Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop's flavor suggestion bulletin board, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was created. An instant hit!