12 Behavior Changes to Watch Out for in Cats

Overgrooming Cats are naturally clean. However, if your cat persistently grooms and licks the same region until it's bald, call the vet. 

Too Much Hiding Your cat may be playing hide-and-seek more than on the bed, which is worrying.

Low Appetite Is your ravenous cat rejecting its favorite salmon pâté? A loss of appetite is serious.

Increased Aggression Is your peaceful cat acting like a small lion? Increased aggression may indicate pain or stress. Even the nicest cat hates being sick.

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Litter Box Habits Changed Your cat suddenly avoiding the litter box is a sign of trouble. Nobody enjoys a dirty bathroom

A lot of meowing If your normally quiet cat starts talking, listen up. Even if they say “Hey, pet me!” they're communicating.

Negative Conduct Did your cat decide the couch looks better shredded? Destructive conduct may indicate boredom, stress, or illness.