15 Common Cat Myths

Many consider black cats unlucky. Folklore from numerous cultures depicts black cats as ominous omens. Some traditions say black cats are witches'

Cats are thought to loathe water. Experts say this is because cats' fur takes a long time to dry, keeping them moist, cold, and heavy

cats aren't affectionate and dislike humans. Many movies, TV shows, and society portray cats as frigid, unloving creatures who loathe humans

Cats often fall on their feet, but not always. The cute animal has a “righting reflex” that helps them land on their paws instead of their sides 

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Cats purr often. We assume cats feel comfortable and satisfied when they purr. These are common, especially if your pet is curled up and cozy

An English saying says a cat has nine lives. Three he plays, three he strays, and three he stays.

Many cats meow, whine, or playfully attack you to seek your attention. Some cats want more attention than others, depending on their personality.