4 Zodiac Signs Who Believe First Sex Is Special

Capricorn: Making Purposeful Foundations Capricorns organize their lives carefully. Saturn, the zodiac's taskmaster, gives Capricorns purpose in relationships.

They emphasize emotional intimacy and commitment in the first time to build a lasting relationship. Their virtue is patience

Taurus: Sexual Art in Touch Tauruses approach physical connection artistically since Venus rules love and beauty.

They consider the first sexual encounter a masterpiece, an exploration of senses and physical delights

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Pisces: Souls Unite Spiritually Pisceans, influenced by Neptune, the dreamy planet of intuition and spirituality, see the first sexual experience as soul joining.

They seek a spiritual connection beyond the worldly world. The act is considered as a trip to explore emotion and form a spiritual link.

Cancer: Bonding and Emotion Cancer, ruled by the emotional moon, values security and caring. Their first time is a pathway to a profound emotional bond.