4 Zodiac Signs Women Who Are Very Sensitive

Cancer Nurtures Intuitively Our sensitivity peak is Cancer, ruled by the emotional moon. This water sign's women are perceptive and nurturing. They naturally detect others' emotions

If you're a Cancer lady or know one, investigate how cosmic energies affect your sensitivity.

Pisces—Dream Empath Water sign Pisces, ruled by Neptune, gives its women overwhelming emotions. Pisces women are empaths

They see the world with a keen emotional awareness due to their dreamy and empathetic disposition.

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Intense Mystic Scorpio Scorpio, Pluto's water sign, adds mystery and intensity to sensitivity. Scorpio women are passionate and insightful

They form deep bonds with others because to their passion and emotional sensitivity.

Virgo: Analytical Feelers As an earth sign, Virgo women are practical but also analytical and emotional. They can understand and feel emotions due to their Mercury-ruled intelligence.