Soft cheeses boost protein.

Pressed cheeses are high in protein, but soft cheeses like feta, ricotta, cream cheese, and cottage cheese are also good. 

Wisconsin Cheese says these are fresh, creamy cheeses that may be spread and eaten with a fork, not aged and molded.

Soft cheeses are measured by cup rather than ounce due to their gooeyness. According to the USDA, adding a half cup of ricotta to lasagna adds 9.35 grams of protein.

You could also serve cottage cheese for protein. Cottage cheese included 14 grams of protein per half cup, according to Healthline. 

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 Weight loss and muscle building are possible due to its low calorie density.

 One 2017 Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition study found that eating cottage cheese, which is high in casein, before bed improves muscle protein synthesis.

Broccoli is potassium-rich and oxalate-free. This helps avoid kidney stones and calcium loss. Kale and Brussels sprouts are potassium-rich and oxalate-free.