5 Best Foods to Prevent Kidney Stone

Wei suggests consuming lemon juice diluted in water to pass or prevent calcium oxalate stones.

She says lemon juice prevents kidney stones by raising urine citrate. Citrate prevents urinary stone formation by binding calcium. The citrate in lemon juice "increases urinary pH which is an unfavorable environment for most urinary stones," Wei says.

Try adding a squeeze or two of water to your drinking glass, jug, or bottle as you should already be hydrating.

Grapefruit is citrate-rich. Like lemons, fruit or juice can make kidney stones less likely.

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Oranges contain citrate, which can prevent kidney stones. Oranges are abundant in potassium, which prevents kidney stones. Calcium and uric acid excretion decreases with potassium, preventing kidney stones, according to research. This may lower calcium oxalate and uric acid stone risk.

Potassium-rich foods may avoid kidney stones. Some examples are: Bananas. Honeydew. Cantaloupe. Avocados. Raisins. Chicken and salmon provide potassium-rich protein.

Broccoli is potassium-rich and oxalate-free. This helps avoid kidney stones and calcium loss. Kale and Brussels sprouts are potassium-rich and oxalate-free.