5 ways to make your cat enjoy playtime

Cats sometimes hop on the counter and knock off fragile goods. Don't be mad—it's their instinct. 

Experienced cat owners know cats can play with almost anything. Simple objects can amuse cats, such cardboard boxes and crumpled papers.

Let your cat play with discarded toilet paper rolls before recycling them. To make them interesting, add giant pom poms, but make sure your cat can't swallow them.

Make bowties by cutting an old t-shirt into squares and tying a knot in the middle. Throw them around and watch your cat pursue them,

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Puzzle toys can be made with crumpled paper or ping-pong balls in a shoebox with holes. You may even throw them about the house for your cat to catch.

cats have unique personalities and like to socialize on their own terms. People should remember that cats are 'non-obligate' social species.

Ragdoll This white and gray cat breed is more than just a passive ball of fur—they love to play with their trusted humans and come when called.