7 things your dog should never eat

Perhaps the most famous item on this list. Chocolate's theobromine and caffeine can fully shut down your dog's nervous system in little dosages.

Garlic is one of the most harmful dog foods. This family of fragrant herbs can cause anemia in dogs, limiting their hearts from providing oxygen to every body area.

Volatile oils in cinnamon may irritate your dog's mouth and digestive tract. It also lowers blood sugar naturally. Humans benefit, but dogs of any size might be injured by the rapid drop.

Macadamia nuts are quite harmful for dogs. After intake, they may cause vomiting, coordination issues, muscle weakness, and neurocognitive issues, including death.

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Eating one grape or raisin can kill your dog. Human sweet treats are connected to serious renal failure, but the chemical responsible is unknown.

Keep salty food away from your dog. Some dog breeds are more prone to water retention and its repercussions, such as organ failure and cardiovascular illness.

Dog owners may overlook it. Like a parent of a tiny child, you should not give your dog small, hard bites they may choke on. These include nuts and small bones.