Best cakes for any occasion

Zebra Cake: Chocolate-Vanilla Creating this cake's zebra-like inside is simple. Simply drop spoonfuls of chocolate and vanilla mixtures onto the pan

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting The batter works well alone or with walnuts, coconut, and raisins. Ground cinnamon and spices make the cake soft and warm

Creamsicle Cake An overbaked cake or make a store-bought one party-ready. To make a creamsicle-like cake, poke holes and pour orange juice and heavy cream over it.

Carrot Cake from Milk Bar This carrot cake is perfect simplicity. Shredded carrots, light brown sugar, and ground cinnamon warm the batter.

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Pistachio Cake Add it to yellow cake batter and incorporate it into whipped topping to make icing. 

'Rainbow Explosion' Cake This cake will delight with color and excitement. Slice it open to reveal a treasure trove of rainbow sprinkles of all sizes and colors. 

Cake Cannoli This cannoli cake is inspired by Italy's favorite dessert. Rum-infused ricotta filling, mascarpone icing, and semisweet chocolate chips recreate the Sicilian pastry.