Best Cat Breeds for New Pet Owners

Abyssinian athleticism and curiosity can intrigue you. This breed is kind and confident. If they can't join in, they'll make their own. 

They're not needy and love cuddling with their humans, but nothing special. Abyssinians aren't lap cats, but they'll sit close to demonstrate they care.

Unclear. Some believe they were born in Abyssinia, Egypt, while others say Europe.

They look like cougars because to their ticked, shorthaired coat. They look like this because each hair has several color bands

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Due to their laid-back nature and similarity to tabbies, tortoiseshell, calico, and solid-color cats, many house cats are American Shorthairs. 

Most versatile cat is the American Shorthair orange tabby. They're loyal, playful, sociable, and available for petting or talking.

They like napping and playing. Sometimes they're lethargic (or retired), so you need a toy, string, or laser to get them playing