Best Pets To Own For Frequent Travelers

Fish are the best pets! They fit in a 1-gallon bowl per fish. Because they only need a little food once a day, they are one of the cheapest and easiest pets to own.

Cats are easy to maintain. They need new food and water daily, but automated feeders and fountains help! Cats need socialization, but not as much as dogs.

Red Knee Tarantulas may be your ideal pet. Tarantulas like alone time and don't bond with humans like dogs do. They can be left for days without separation anxiety.

Hamsters don't stress you out either. As a mammal smaller than your hand, they don't take up much space or cost much in food.

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Snakes are silent, low-maintenance, and affordable. Some reptiles are harder to keep than snakes, thus they may be a suitable choice for a pet.

Hermit crabs make interesting pets since they thrive in a healthy habitat and are hands-off. This makes them wonderful pets for frequent travelers!

Sea monkeys in little aquarium tanks on nightstands are brine shrimp. These unusual critters are fun to watch develop and swim.