Campbell's Soup-Based Casseroles

Comforting casseroles made with canned cream soup are hard to surpass

Campbell's introduced condensed soup in 1897, although they may not have thought that it would be used more in casseroles than soups. 

The broccoli and chicken can be placed in a pie pan and topped with sauce and breadcrumbs without mixing. Serve it with rice or as-is for low-carb.

This dump-and-bake casserole has only two steps.

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Need a quick veggie side? Parmesan cheese and French-fried onions make this cornbread-pudding hybrid delicious.

You can use cubed cooked chicken or leftover turkey in this delicious meal.

Texas' King Ranch casserole is named for one of its largest ranches. This Tex-Mex meal has chicken, peppers, onions, cheese, and a tomato-based sauce