Cat Lifespan Demystified: How Long Do Cats Live?

Cat lifespan estimates range from 10 to 15 to 12 to 18 years, depending on the pet-expert source. The average cat lifespan is 13–17 years

Siamese, Russian Blue, and Persian cats are among the longest-lived breeds, but

Burmese live the longest, averaging 18–25 years and often 30.

Tabby cats also perform well. Guinness World Records' oldest person was Texas tabby mix Creme Puff, which died in 2005 at 38. 

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Outdoor cats live only two to five years, compared to indoor cats' double-digit lifespans.

Cats that spend most of their life outside are less likely to be sedentary and get lots of fresh air and sunshine, which people are advised to do for their health

Old off-the-shelf cat food may fill them full, but it may not meet their nutritional needs, especially as they age