Cat obesity: causes, symptoms, and treatments

Cats that weigh 20% or more than they should are obese. Thus, an obese 10-pound cat would weigh 12 pounds or more.

Each cat's ideal weight depends on body size. Even within breeds, cats' optimal weight varies.

 Veterinarians and pet parents use a body condition scale to determine cat obesity. This scale requires looking at a cat's outline and feeling for ribs

Studies suggest obese cats live shorter lifetimes than healthy cats. Obese cats live 30% less than 12 years 

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Obesity may cause heart disease by impairing heart pumping. Weight loss reduces left heart thickness, improving heart disease. 

Obesity reduces lung inflation. Tracheal collapse, which causes respiratory problems, is also linked to obesity in cats.

Cells reject insulin due to these inflammatory substances.  Long-term elevated blood sugar can lead to diabetes.