Costco Seafood You Should Never Buy

Costco is a favorite shopping spot for millions due to its wide aisles and great bulk bargains. In case you didn't notice, Cheapism loves Costco. However, wise consumers advise against certain of its seafood goods, despite their quality and affordability.

Farm-raised salmon may have more parasites than wild-caught because fish farms are highly populated and host bacteria and disease. Due to nutrient contamination, intensive land and water usage, and increased demand for wild-caught fish as feed, farmed salmon harm local ecosystems.

Costco sells shrimp from Vietnam, Thailand, and India. A 2015 Consumer Reports survey found that shrimp from these regions may not fulfill health and environmental requirements. 

Seafood aficionados appreciate mahi mahi for its meaty, neutral-tasting meat that can be used in numerous ways. Redditors think Costco's mahi mahi falls short. 

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Your kid may beg you to buy fish sticks at Costco, but many claim the thick Panko breading overwhelms the tasteless fish. One Redditor says, "[There was] a lot of breading for the little chunk of fish inside."

This brand sounds like orca fillets and is "the worst food sold at Costco," according to one Redditor. According to the Redditor, "It tasted nothing like normal salmon," "It was dry, fishy, and just off tasting."

Ahi tuna works great with poke and seared tuna steaks. Seafood lovers say Costco's ahi tuna may be poor.