Cute and Giant Cat Breeds

The Norwegian Forest Cat is the only cat that can climb down a tree headfirst, since its front legs are somewhat protruding.

"Gentle and loving, the Selkirk Rex gets along great with people and other pets,". These are more dog-friendly outgoing cat breeds.

Ocicats are family-oriented, adore water, and enjoy playing and learning new skills like dogs.

Turkish Vans came in the US in 1982, making them rare. You won't see one walking down the street. Fun fact: They're called "swimming cats" because they like paddling.

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The Manx is more than its cute round face and large cheeks: This tailless cat is adorable and kind."This breed is playful, interactive, and hilarious. Like little clowns.

Maine's official cat is the Maine Coon cat, a rare honor, these charming giant house cats are terrified of their own shadow and have little trill and chirping noises.

Zinck believes Siberians are popular with allergy sufferers because their saliva has less allergic enzyme, making their fur and dander easier to accept.