This is how long to soak potatoes for french fries.

Soaking sliced potatoes may help you produce excellent french fries. Heat from the oven or oil can evaporate moisture from fries, making them crispy. However, starch can prevent potatoes from losing moisture.

Potatoes release starch into cold water. More moisture will be lost when potatoes are cooked or fried. How long should potatoes soak for this?

Soak slightly sticky, chopped potatoes for 15 minutes if you're short on time. However, soaking longer may remove more starch. Soaking fries for a few hours before cooking might make them crispier.

What sort of french fries you make determines how long soaking is good. Thicker-cut fries shouldn't soak for more than 24 hours, or 12 for shoestring fries.

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After too long, potatoes may absorb water, resulting in soggy fries. An overnight soak may benefit steak-cut french fries, although thinner kinds may just need a few hours.

However, you may want to refrigerate the cut potatoes after soaking. The cool air helps keep potato water cold, which is vital for soaking sliced potatoes.

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