The Super Moist Ingredient Every Boxed Cake Mix Needs

A packaged cake mix in your pantry lets you satisfy a sweet appetite quickly. The freezer holds the key to a moist cake. Instead of serving ice cream with cake, bake it!

It may seem unusual, but melted ice cream makes a delicious cake. Most excellent ice creams contain cream, milk, eggs, and sugar, making them ideal baking bases. Unlike water, oil, or milk, ice cream is rich enough to melt in your mouth.

 Plus, baking with melted ice cream saves food and uses ice cream that's been in or out of the freezer too long, affecting its creamy smoothness.

This simple dessert requires a boxed cake mix, a pint of ice cream, and three eggs. Melt the ice cream before starting because it substitutes the moist elements in cake batter. If time allows, let it on the countertop to cool or microwave it for a few seconds.

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Start with the regular cake-baking procedure. In order to remove the cake easily after baking, gently butter and flour your pans. Add the boxed cake mix, melting ice cream, and eggs and mix until smooth.

To avoid dishwashing, do this by hand or with a hand mixer in the cake pans. Bake and chill the cake according to the box instructions before icing.

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