Desserts So Outrageous They Exist Only In America 

Some blend strange flavors with more conventional ones, while others are so bizarre that you have to see (and taste) them to believe them.  

The most lavish dessert in every US state has been located by 

combining our team's first-hand knowledge with actual customer ratings, awards, and honors. 

With two locations in Alabama, K&J's Elegant Pastries is a delightful dessert spot that serves a variety of delicious sweets. 

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The Kolossal Shakes are, hands down, the most impressive things on the menu.  

These milkshakes are as massive as they sound, and they're loaded with toppings like cake, chocolate, and biscuits.  

Pictured above is a popular Cotton Candy milkshake, which features a cupcake topped with icing, clouds of cotton candy, sprinkles, and a whirl of whipped cream.