Easy Puff Pastry Recipes to Try Now

This tart's honey and amaretto complement the rhubarb. The mascarpone cheese adds creaminess. I sometimes double the rhubarb for decadent tarts.

Hand Pies with Nutella Nutella puff pastry hand pies in pint sizes are too good to keep to yourself! 

Beef Stew Skillet Pie This comforting skillet potpie looks gorgeous with puff pastry.

Puffed Raspberry Chocolate This chocolatey, flaky dessert is one of my favorite show-off dishes since it looks great. Best part? The recipe is shockingly simple and fast.

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Fontina cheese and asparagus fill this lemon tart. It's easy to make but spectacular. Be aware...Your visitors will fight over the last delectable slice.

Lamb Pastry Bundles This recipe was so popular that my family now adds Mediterranean tastes to other foods!

Bries Cherry Pastry Cups Golden brown and flaky, these bite-sized puff pastries with creamy Brie and sweet cherry preserves make a delicious dessert.