Elegant Dessert Recipes to Wow Your Guests

Pink Champagne Cake This cake looks fancy enough for a special event, but it starts with a boxed cake mix and takes only 30 minutes to make.

Chocolate-covered strawberry cheesecake In this delectable delicacy, chocolate-covered strawberries become cheesecake

Trifle Peach Shortcake An elegant trifle dish with peaches, whipped cream, and vanilla cake makes a wonderful centerpiece.

Chocolate-lava cakes These lava cakes are ready in 35 minutes.

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Hummingbird Cake is a classic layer cake with three luscious pineapple-banana layers. After layering, cream cheese frosting and toasted nuts are added.

Raspberry-White Chocolate Meringue Sandwich Cookies Pink meringue is created with freeze-dried raspberries.

Citrus and sugared berries give this cake a gorgeous finish and flavor the cake layers and icing.