Every Boxed Cake Mix Needs This Super Moist Ingredient

This simple dessert requires a boxed cake mix, a pint of ice cream, and three eggs. 

Add the boxed cake mix, melting ice cream, and eggs and mix until smooth.

This recipe is simple, so you can experiment with different flavors to suit your tastes. Vanilla or chocolate cake mixes with ice cream are favorites

However, experimenting with one or both of these can be fun. Consider your favorite premium ice cream flavors like strawberry or mint chocolate chip for inspiration.

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Remember that good ice cream has different textures and toppings. 

To add crunch to box cake mix, add spices, almonds, chopped chocolate, or crushed cookies. 

 A boxed cake mix with sprinkles, ice cream cone bits, whipped cream, cherries, and fudge or caramel sauce may make a wonderful ice cream theme cake.