Fast Food Franchises Serving the Finest Cuban Sandwiches 

The Cubano, sometimes known as the Cuban sandwich, is one of the most hotly debated sandwiches in the US. 

As its name implies, this deli classic does indeed originate from Cuba, however its precise origins are frequently debated.  

This is something that many Floridians will debate about, since the invention of the meat-heavy handheld was claimed by both Tampa and Miami. 

"In the end, the Cuban sandwich is a story about immigrants," Barbara Cruz, who co-wrote the book, told NPR in 2022. 

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The book claims that the sandwich originated in Florida during the 1940s and 1950s, when a large number of Cubans emigrated to the state. 

While salami and turkey are common ingredients in the Tampa version, the iron press, invented in Miami, made the sandwich thin and crispy.  

If you're a carnivore in search of the greatest Cubanos this nation has to offer, your search can end at one of these popular chain restaurants.