Dogs you shouldn't leave alone: Popular breeds

Due to the deep attachment between a pet and its owner and repeated separations, any dog breed might develop separation anxiety. In a Daily Mail interview, behavioral scientist Lorna Winter identified six breeds that struggle.

Breeds prone to separation anxiety and loneliness include:

Dog breeds include Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Beagles, Australian Shepherds, French Bulldogs, and Border Collies.

The symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs vary, but in severe situations, the dog may act destructively to vent its tension. 

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Destructive behavior may involve indoor elimination, self-harm through excessive grooming, or furniture damage. 

Barking, howling, and growling are prevalent, as are eating disorders.

Cats' whiskers penetrate their cheeks and connect with tiny muscles and nerves that allow them to sense anything that touches them.