Goodbye Doggie Bad Breath: Remove Plaque from Dog Teeth

Dogs' smiles, health, and lifespan depend on good dental health. Regular dental care reduces gingivitis, periodontitis, poor breath, tooth decay, and appetite loss.

Plaque Removal and Prevention Tips Brushing regularly is key: Like humans, dogs need regular dental care. 

Using a dog toothbrush and toothpaste, start with short, gentle brushing sessions and gradually increase the time. Brushing regularly prevents tartar and plaque.

Introduce Raw Bones: Providing your dog with raw meaty bones helps naturally reduce plaque. Avoid choking by giving your dog the right-sized bones. Use trusted bone suppliers to reduce salmonella risk.

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Buy plaque-fighting dental chews and toys. Ridges and textures inhibit plaque formation on certain products.

Plaque may be too severe for home treatment. A vet's sedation-assisted dental cleaning can be safe and effective. Specialized dental tools remove tough plaque and tartar.

Cats' whiskers penetrate their cheeks and connect with tiny muscles and nerves that allow them to sense anything that touches them.