Grandmother's Favorite Recipes Revamped

crispy chicken pot pie crust. This recipe combines two comfort foods. The chicken pot pie baked potato is the most luxurious dish

Fried mashed potato balls prove you can deep fry anything these days. Mix grandma's mashed potatoes with bacon, cheese, chives, and seasonings.

Grandmas love chicken soup, from chicken noodle to chicken and wild rice. This creamy alternative with chicken, vegetables, pasta, sun-dried tomatoes

slow-roasted beef supper is the perfect comfort food. The first day is great, but leftovers are better. A knockout lunch is a couple pieces on rye toast with onions and melted Gruyère cheese.

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Brussels sprouts are still respected, but grandma probably realized their importance long ago. These Cacio E Pepe-inspired sprouts will spice up your next party.

Our recipe for snickerdoodles is worth adding to the repertoire, even though grandma's warm, fresh-baked ones are unmatched.

Everything Deviled Eggs The best way to create deviled eggs has been debated for years. These salmon-topped everything deviled eggs go beyond the norm with a variety of flavors.