Holiday Fudge Recipes We'll Make All Season

Three types of chocolate make better buttery fudge, in our opinion. This simple dish uses chopped pecans for crunch and marshmallows for fluff.

Peppermint enhances every Christmas cookie dish, and this two-layer fudge will shine. These one-hour-chilled fudge squares would look great with crushed candy canes.

Everyone needs a holiday shortcut, and the microwave makes this minty fudge so easy. For make-ahead fudge, wrap it in waxed paper and freeze

After mastering chocolate fudge, add dark chocolate and raspberry liqueur. Some reviewers said Chambord or raspberry syrup tasted similar.

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Spoon fudge into paper-lined mini-muffin cups to harden instead of cutting into squares. A novel culinary present idea.

Snickers' holiday fudge would likely resemble this loaded candy bar. Salty peanuts and sweet caramel ribbons make it the ultimate treat. 

For skeptics, try cherry candies instead of red and white. For the lovely pattern, add a few red food coloring drops to the fudge and swirl with a knife tip.