How and How Long to Boil Eggs

The stovetop approach reduces egg overcooking by limiting boiling time. You can adjust the recipe to cook more eggs.

Cook times imply a proper hard boil, resulting in fully cooked yolks without gray or chalkiness.

Cover six large eggs with one inch of cold water in a large pot. Cover the pan and boil eggs quickly over high heat.

For large eggs, remove the pan from heat and let it stand covered for 15 minutes after boiling.

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Wait 18 minutes for extra-large eggs and 12 minutes for regular eggs. The remaining heat in water cooks eggs.

After cooking, drain the eggs, rinse under cold water, and cool in ice water.

This question has no clear answer. It depends on your egg cooking preferences. To get a runny or gel-like yolk, boil the egg for half the time of a hard-boiled egg.