Indulge in These Delectable Global Cuisines Before You Pass Away 

It's a common dish at restaurants and on street corners, and the way it's made changes from one region to another. 

The most popular variations are the Adjarian type, which is formed like a boat and topped  

with a runny egg yolk and butter, and the Imeretian style, which comes in a circular, closed shape that is cut into slices. 

Where to eat: Lagidze Water café in Tbilisi, Georgia, serves up some of the city's finest khachapuri.  

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With one of the tasty flavored lemonades, you can wash down the enormous pieces of cheese bread. 

Although it has spread well beyond its Valencian roots, paella is now a global phenomenon.  

In addition, paella mixta, which features a variety of seafood, meats, and sausages, is now available.