Ingredients to Improve Chocolate Cake

Chocolate lovers must add chocolate chips to chocolate cake. Melting chocolate pieces enhance the cake's deliciousness. Today, you can get milk, white, semi-sweet, or dark chocolate drops. Try different chocolate chip flavors to find your favorite.

English teatime includes rich tea biscuits, delicious round sweets made with wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and malt extract. The British royal family introduced us to these thin, light-colored cookies with a superb snap that work excellent with a chocolate cake.

Many chocolate cakes use cocoa powder. However, excessive use can dry the layers. A quick ingredient swap restores cake moisture in minutes.

Hot water can replace cold or room-temperature water in chocolate cake recipes. The same reaction as coffee brewing makes hot water "bloom" cocoa in cake better than cold water. Hot water extracts the chocolaty flavor from cocoa powder, making the cake taste stronger and more chocolatey. For a rich chocolate cake, use hot water instead of cold.

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Coffee is Ina Garten's secret to a better chocolate cake, and we agree. Contrary to popular belief, adding coffee to chocolate cake batter won't make it taste like a Starbucks mocha. Instead, coffee will enhance the cocoa flavor in your chocolate cake. 

This component may seem odd, but hear us out. Sour, salty, and wet sauerkraut is cabbage cured in salt. Sauerkraut improves chocolate cake batter in several ways. The sourness of sauerkraut reduces the cake's sweetness, but the saltiness enhances the chocolate flavor.

There are probably some ripe bananas on the counter waiting to be used. They're great in smoothies and banana bread, but try adding them to chocolate cake for moisture, flavor, and vitamins and minerals.