Least Obedient Dog Breeds Worldwide

Jack Russell Terriers are little, active dogs with big personalities. They are smart and prey-driven. Work makes these dogs happy.  But their intensity and tenacity might make training harder.

Dachshunds are called “wiener dogs” for their body form. They have won over many with their long bodies, small legs, and lovely appearance!  These lovely pups have more to them than cuteness. 

Bassets have floppy ears and keen senses of smell. They can detect odors like no other! They're easily sidetracked throughout training. Staying attentive is difficult because their noses are continuously moving.

Beagles prefer their own way. They can be resistant and distracted throughout training. However, they respond strongly to positive reinforcement—rewards and praise for excellent conduct. 

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Chow Chows are beautiful, independent Chinese dogs. They can be independent and defy others. Training them requires patience and persistence. 

Bulldogs have a distinct appeal. Their lovely aged face and sagging skin are enticing. However, their resistance makes training difficult. Effective Bulldog training requires positive reinforcement. 

Their luxuriant and flowing coat makes these little fluffballs adorable. Shih Tzus are cute, but they may be stubborn and difficult to teach.