Limit or eliminate these foods to lower blood pressure.

Donuts are the unhealthiest pastries, especially for hypertensives. Their high sugar and frying effects can worsen hypertension. Sugar consumption raises blood pressure, according to a 2014 New Zealand study. Donuts average 10–20 grams of sugar.

Instant noodles consumed more than twice a week were linked to high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome in 2014. Additionally, weight gain is possible.

Energy drinks, like other caffeine-rich drinks, affect blood pressure and heart rate. A 2019 American Heart Association study found that 32 ounces of energy drinks raised blood pressure and heart rate within 30 minutes.

Other potatoes are hazardous for hypertension besides chips. Potato researchers reported their 20-year findings in 2016. They found that eating boiled, baked, or mashed potatoes four times a week increased high blood pressure risk by 11%.

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Most canned and bottled tomato sauces contain salt. Half a cup of standard marinara sauce includes over 400 mg of salt, per the USDA. Tomato juice adds 600 mg of salt per cup. Salt will slip into your diet if you don't measure your sauce.

Many store-bought white breads contain salt. Sara Lee white bread has 130 mg of salt per slice, 6% of your daily sodium.

Many people use artificial sweeteners to lose weight or cut sugar. As healthy as these sweeteners seem, research prove otherwise. The Canadian Medical Association Journal found in 2017 that artificial sweeteners raise blood pressure. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke are associated to them.