Longest-lived dog breeds

Standard schnauzer are friendly, attentive watchdogs, nice with kids, and protective of loved ones. The arched eyebrows and bristly beard

Pugs are little but strong. These dogs can be happy in the city or country, with youngsters or elderly persons, alone or in a group. They are sweet, mischievous

Norwiches are lively enough to play fetch all day but friendly enough to cuddle with their favorite humans.

The Kerry blue terrier is known for its blue coat. This farm dog turned alert, versatile, and energetic guardian and family companion is named after its Irish birthplace.

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Friendly and vibrant, the keeshond is outgoing. This medium-sized spitz dog is known for its "spectacles"—glass-like eye markings.

Field spaniels are placid but active at play and in the field. Sweet and sensitive, field spaniels are autonomous. They are responsible with children, friendly with animals, and trainable.

Border collies are athletic herders. This breed excels at work due to its intellect, athleticism, and trainability. This breed thrives on activity, but they love cuddling after work