Need an Unusual Pet? Here are 24 Weird dog breeds

Xoloitzcuintli With their hairlessness, these bad boys are hard to spot as dogs. A hair transplant is needed due to their rough head and paw hairs.

The Russian Borzoi Is that a horse or a dog? Russian Borzoi have slim faces but huge bodies, making them look odd.

Shar Pei This dog looks like an unfurled mat because to its wrinkles and folds, reminding you of your grandpa. They looked odd with their droopy eyes and smushed face.

Puli Visualize a Puli with eyes and a tongue. Their twelve-inch coat grows in dreadlocks, making them look like wigs you thrifted from a corner shop downtown

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Rottweiler-Chihuahua mix Rottiehuahuas are adorable and will make you desire a dozen despite their odd name. The amount of fur they shed is incredible

Labrador-Chihuahua These puppies are excellent snuggling size and easy to manage. They are unusual but cute since they are a blend of the world's largest and tiniest breeds.

Komondor should be your first choice for a housecleaning pet. Long dreadlocks that reach the floor and their massive girth make them one of the hardest breeds to manage