Low-Calorie Mediterranean Dinner Plan

Got veggies in the fridge? Make tacos! This versatile recipe uses roasted root veggies of your choosing with a crisp, sweet, and spicy pickle filling. We used crumbled cheese, cabbage, and sour cream, but salsa or guacamole would work too.

This simple fish supper has a sweet-and-tangy teriyaki sauce and fresh pineapple. Pineapple concentration while baking prevents the rice mixture from drying out. Keep the rice near the center of the sheet pan and add vegetables and shrimp on top. 

This simple spaghetti dish uses wild mushrooms, which are now accessible at many grocery stores. Alternatively, white buttons work great. The silky linguine takes 40 minutes to make, making it easy for weeknights but elegant enough for entertaining.

Quick tip: Shred chicken while sauce cooks. For a spicy touch, add diced jalapeños.

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This delicious 20-minute Indian chickpea curry is nutritious. Chana masala is a tasty and comforting supper.

This recipe relies on sun-dried tomatoes for texture and flavor. Vitamins C and K are abundant in this recipe with spinach.

Salmon with sour cream sauce, especially dill and horseradish, is a winning combination. Add steamed green beans to the platter.