Most People Make These 10 Baking Mistakes

Adding everything together may be tempting to save time and reduce dirty dishes, but dry and wet ingredients are normally mixed separately before mixing.

Baking is a science, so measuring ingredients is crucial. Bring out the measuring cups and spoons for dry and wet ingredients.

Greasing and lining brownie trays, cake pans, and muffin tins may seem needless, but every step is crucial. Be careful not to grease too much. 

To get those sophisticated chemical processes to function properly when your baked goods are baking in the oven, you must follow a baking recipe step by step

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This may seem stupid, but not reading the recipe is a common baking blunder. Knowing what to expect and being prepared is essential while baking. 

Open Oven Door Too Much When you open the oven door, hot air escapes, causing cakes to sink in the middle. No one wants a sad, sunken cake.

Not using the Cooling Rack After baking, let baked products cool on a wire rack for a few minutes. This lets heat escape underneath, preventing sogginess.