My Cat Has Itchy Skin—How Can I Help?

Many medications can treat itchy skin in cats and its causes, including ointments, sprays, and pills. 

Vets can help you choose cat medication. Most medications are more effective and safer than non-prescriptions, so follow your vet's advice.

Cat flea prevention is crucial. Preventing fleas is better than treating them, especially for allergic cats.

Cure fleas before they bite your cat. Avoid over-the-counter flea treatments, which are mostly useless or hazardous.

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Immunosuppressive medicines are the mainstay of allergic skin itching, especially atopic dermatitis. This group includes many pharmaceutical classes,

If a secondary infection occurs, your vet will prescribe oral or topical antibiotics or antifungals.

Your veterinary dermatologist may recommend immunotherapy, including “allergy shots.” Lokivetmab (Cytopoint) injections are for dogs only and do not work on cats.