Why do dogs over-chew or lick their paws?

Chewing paws may indicate pain in your dog. Stepping on glass or thorns, breaking a claw, being stung by a bee, or being burned on hot asphalt may cause this behavior. 

You've definitely noticed that dogs have creative communication methods as a pet parent. So you may ask what they're warning you against when they lick their paws. Licking paws may indicate pain, but not necessarily in the paw. Many dogs with body pain lick their front paws to cope.

Fleas, ticks, and mange can itch your dog's feet and wherever else. Parasites may lead your dog to lick his paws, especially in summer. Dog parasite treatments vary, and your vet can help you choose the best one. If your pet has fleas, try these home cures.

Food allergies can cause itching paws in dogs. When a dog continually licks his paws, vets first check this, even if it's unclear why.

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Biting and licking may seem like a dog's natural response to itchy paws. If your dog keeps licking his paws in one season or weather pattern, dermatitis may be the culprit. Dog dermatitis can be caused by environmental allergies.

Dogs might lick excessively when bored or anxious. Look beyond appearances. Even energetic dogs can get bored, and quiet dogs might get agitated. Here are some unexpected dog anxiety triggers.

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