Next Snow Day: Simple Soup

This wonderful, fast ham and bean soup will make you smile without taking hours to make.

This meatball soup is filling. Ideal for cold days. Make snow ice cream from that fluff!

Serving bowls of this delicious cheesy potato soup recipe is quick. Foods like canned soup and processed cheese make preparation easier.

Italian American traditions are important to me, yet I never made wedding soup. So I made a ravioli shortcut.

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In a gently spicy red broth, this chicken taco soup has corn and black beans. I'm always seeking for morning-to-dinner dishes as a busy parent of three young children. This simple soup tastes great to youngsters.

This warm and filling soup can be made faster with frozen broccoli.

For an easy meal, I've also made this tasty soup in a slow cooker. For three to four hours, it cooks on low.