NYE appetizer recipes

One of our favorite appetizers is Ham and Swiss Sliders. Change the cheese and add turkey. Delicious and versatile!

Mexican sausage balls spice up a traditional. They are excellent and well-reviewed. Remember salsa verde. You may also like these classic sausage balls.

Sausage Artichoke Dip is a family favorite crock pot recipe. This experiment was successful, so we make it every holiday. The mix is amazing.

The onion patties are delicious and easy to make. Treat them with ketchup or ranch dressing. We love them as burger toppings!

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Cranberry Smokies Just 3 ingredients, easy, and always a hit! You can use meatballs, but we prefer smokies. Put toothpicks next to the crock pot for a great appetizer!

Chili Cheese Dog Sliders Few ingredients, easy, and always a hit! Chili cheese dogs fans should try these.

Potato Cakes Fried These are always welcome at parties. Cheese, onions, bacon, or anything else can be added. Ranch dressing or sour cream go well with them.