Our 2023 Top Cake Recipes

Bundt Gingerbread Cake Nothing shouts holiday like gingerbread. Bake molasses, brown sugar, and toasty spices in a Bundt for a sweet treat.

Cake Eclair Explore these lovely textures. Graham crackers, vanilla pudding, and chocolate ganache make the best dessert.

Jimmy Carter Dessert Delicious enough for the president. This peanut-filled treat is crunchy, creamy, and chocolaty. Dry-roasted peanuts add crunch to the graham cracker crust.

Bundt Pumpkin Cake Fall pumpkin recipes are a hit among pumpkin aficionados. The tale behind this dessert is as memorable as its taste.

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Traditional Caramel Cake Some recipes are timeless. Introducing Caramel Cake. Caramel Frosting tops a yellow cake in this popular dessert.

Hummingbird Cake Please bring canned pineapples and bananas. At every Southern event, the three-layered Hummingbird delights visitors of all ages.

Your company will be impressed with this Little Layer Chocolate Cake. This dessert is worth the time it takes to make (look at those layers!).