Secret Ingredients to Elevate Chocolate Cake

mayonnaise in chocolate cake. The rich fat in mayonnaise keeps your cake moist. It's thickness and creaminess assist structure the cake

Coffee can be added to cake several ways. It's strongest when mixed into dry components as espresso powder. To get the desired outcome, use about a teaspoon

Due to their dryness and moderate sweetness, British rich tea biscuits add a delightful crunch to cake batters without detracting from them

Sauerkraut's acidic, funky flavor balances sweetness and provides your cake a more complex, intriguing flavor. 

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Root beer's carbonation impacts cake crumb. Due to its gas content, the drink can lighten the cake and aerate the batter

vinegar significantly reacts with baking soda, making the cake rise and lighten. Very little vinegar is needed, and too much will ruin your cake's flavor

Beets also tenderize chocolate cake crumb. Beets can be used in cake without cooking. Grate raw beets immediately into batter and mix well.