Strongest Cat Breeds Worldwide

One of the oldest and strongest cat breeds, Chartreux cats were first mentioned in the 1500s. These medium-to-large, agile hunters are very muscular.

Despite their rounded appearance, they're stocky and have a dense coat. They can make tremendous leaps when they want.

Burmillas began as a test. People loved the Cream and silver Burmese cat with dramatic eyeliner and wild grey stripes

Their smooth, thick coat complements their beautiful, athletic build. The most popular burmilla color is silver.

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Korat cats are tiny but strong. They are muscular and have a stunning blue-grey coat with silver tips

These cats' attentive, expressive emerald or amber eyes are especially noticeable when they stalk their owner's feet from beneath the bed. 

Domestic cat breed Ocicat doesn't look domestic. It was named for its resemblance to wild ocelots, however the similarities are superficial.