Recipes for Cooking Halloumi

Halloumi can be eaten raw, but it can also be cooked into delicious appetizers and dinners. A few Mediterranean-inspired ideas:

Fried Halloumi: Brush cheese slices with olive oil and pan-fry for 1–2 minutes per side. Add grape tomato halves to the cheese, drizzle with olive oil, and add pepper and oregano.

Grilled Halloumi: Thread cubed cheese onto water-soaked bamboo skewers. Coat cheese with olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper. Grill for 5–10 minutes, rotating often.

Grilled Halloumi slices with shawarma seasonings. Serve with warm flatbread and mint-parsley cucumber salad.

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Greek salad wrap: Pan-fry Halloumi slices in warm pita bread with Greek olives, tzatziki sauce, and a fresh green salad.

For a novel twist on veggie fajitas, skewer slices of red pepper and red onion with Halloumi cubes and cook for 5–10 minutes. 

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