These 3 Zodiac Signs Always Have Toxic Friendships

Cancers, the zodiac's matriarch, seek to help their family. They don't always get the same energy back, like many nurturers. That can make Cancers feel that they “do not matter and their needs are not important,” according to Alma psychotherapist Claudia Sigala, L.C.S.W., who told Bustle. 

Unfortunately, crabs learn the hard way that friendships shouldn't make them feel this way.

Libras, symbolized by justice scales, seek harmony in all aspects of life. Even if they're not at fault, friends always accept responsibility for problems.

A manipulative individual may detect this trend and blame you for their mistakes before you can blame yourself.

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"One sign of an unhealthy friendship is when you are always taking the fall for your friend," matchmaker and Dating Lounge app founder Samantha Daniels told Bustle. 

As zodiac humanitarians, Aquarians desire to be friends with everyone. However, some exploit their zeal to become friends to step on them and make them feel tiny.

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