High-Protein Casseroles for Weight Loss

Num pang is a lesser-known Vietnamese sandwich similar to bánh mì. This meal from Cambodia's sunny coasts combines spicy meatballs, pickled fennel, and fresh herbs in a crusty baguette.

This tasty sandwich filler has cooked chicken, herbs, and scallions in a creamy dressing with tangy-sweet cranberries for added flavor.

The handmade pickled vegetables can be readied ahead and provide crunchy acidity and zing to sandwiches without wilting or sogginess.

Bake marinated chicken for tender, juicy meat and serve in a warm pita with French fries, fresh salad, and tangy tzatziki for a fakeout gyros lunch.

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This sloppy Joe-inspired baguette will make lunch exciting. A thick, flavorful meaty sauce with minced beef and finely diced mushrooms is piled in bread with cheese and crunchy pickles.

Falafel are easy to create due to their soft center and crisp shell. Simply blend wet chickpeas with garlic, herbs, and spices and form balls to fry.

Hot breaded scampi in baguettes with lettuce, crisp pickles, and garlicky mayo make a quick lunch.