Vintage Party Appetizers Returning in 2024

Magical cheesy bite-sized gems -- their name tells it all. This recipe is similar to Cheese Straws, but white bread makes it even better.

Break out eggs for every occasion. While we have many savory versions (pimiento cheese, pickled, French onion), the traditional is always good.

Sweet-tangy-saucy bites are always popular. Use the slow cooker to create culinary magic. Never before were meatballs so amazing.

Senior Food Editor Kimberly Holland said these dazzling gems were a success at a holiday dinner.

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Is it really a party in the South without sausage balls? These savory bites have a little kick, plus are a cinch to make. 

A slow-cooker-made six-ingredient dip excellent for parties.

Bacon improves everything, especially cocktail hour. Sugary, buttery, and smoked bacon crackers will go from the platter.